My name is Tim DaCosta. I live in Colorado. I tell stories.



I'm a painter by trade. Seriously. I painted houses, buildings, and explosion-proof mining fans for 5 years. But I've also been doing photography and videography for almost that long too. Also a bit of motion graphic and website work.


My story is a rather boring, long, and boring tale, so I won't bother you with the details: I love to take pictures. I love Jesus. I love my wife Sherah. I ride bikes way too much and drive vehicles way too fast. I'm not sure what I do for a living. I've worked in almost every job imaginable except for fast food. I love loud music and loud living. I don't have life figured out. 

Check out my work and see if we can create something together! 

Logo design by Andrew Sunarko

Logo design by Andrew Sunarko